Assessment and consultation via zoom.

If you are unable to travel to the clinic, self isolating for covid, or if you are in a remote location, or if you simply don’t have time for traffic, parking and waiting rooms, an online physio consultation can help.  Online physiotherapy can be a convenient and effective way to manage injuries and guide your recovery.  Although people think of physio and think of hands on treatment, the major part of the role is gathering information to formulate a diagnosis and then providing education and a plan to help it improve. This can be done very successfully online saving you the trip to physio.

Happy to find that remote physio can be just as effective as face to face. Nichola has been professional, thorough and supportive in getting to the bottom of my injury.  Zoom has been straightforward to use. Nichola had me demonstrate movements under her instruction to identify my issues, and then talked me through strengthening exercises and stretches which she corrects as we go. It’s also great to be able to see Nichola demonstrate exercises in her studio and to be able to record for me to use later.
Nicola Moss